Boogaloos Bulletin

We’re Back! Boogaloos, a fixture in the Mission since 1994, has reopened its doors to the public. It’s been a long wait for us and we know it’s felt even longer for some of our old-school Boogaloos regulars. Well the wait is over, and we are spinning all your classic hits. The Temple of Spuds, San Francisco’s best hang-over cure, Big ‘ol Biscuit and Herb-Cream Gravy, Square-Cool Combo, Desayuno Typico, Penny Cluse Egg Sandwich, Black Beans for days, homemade Soy-Rizo Hash & Eggs, Eggs Benedict & yummy Mimosas are all ready to beat their way back into your hearts. We are all excited about the opportunity to welcome you back into Boogaloos and hope that you will once again make our dining room your home away from home. So, join us, drink & eat, indulge & keep the beat.

See you all soon. – the Staff

PS. Beginning Monday, April 16, the Boogaloos Pop-Up at Parada 22 in the Upper Haight will no longer be serving Monday-Friday and Parada 22 will now open at 11am on those days. However, the Boogaloos Pop-Up will still be offered on the weekends. Parada 22 will still open and will serve the Boogaloos Pop-Up menu from 9am-3pm every Saturday & Sunday including Monday Holidays.